About Me


Why “It’s Maevealous” you say?  When I changed my name to Maeve, I started changing myself on the inside too.  Being unhappy is like a drug.  The more you think about it, use it, talk about it, the more your need for it grows.  I didn’t want to be that way anymore. I wanted to finish something I started; I wanted to wake up in the morning and like myself and what I was doing, and I wanted to find love.  The only way to do that was to stop being a volunteer to sadness and unhappiness, and take responsibility for this amazing gift that is life.

Changing your perspective and changing yourself is the only answer to breaking the unhappiness addiction.  Life really is a banquet, and there is more than enough for everyone; you don’t have to starve.  Why be satisfied clutching on to crumbs in your hand, when if you open it, the whole loaf could fit there?

The pithy quotes and inspirational pictures that accompany the posts – well, sometimes, those sentences ring true for me and it’s all I can hold on to.  Pithy or not, they’re pretty much true.  I hope you’ll step up to life’s banquet with me!

~ Maeve

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